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Why Should You Use a Baby Sleep Tracker?

The first thing to determine before planning your sleep strategy is: Does your baby really have trouble sleeping? If your baby sleeps eight hours each night and naps three hours a day, this may be best. Not every baby sleeps 10 hours straight or falls asleep and wakes up when you want to. So, you can download the top rated baby schedule app to monitor your baby.

Monitoring your baby's sleep on a daily basis also allows you to share your concerns with your doctor and helps you monitor your progress as you work on solving problems. So before bedtime changes get you down, take a few days to determine if your little one is too tired before you go (anxious and irritable or yawning and misty eyes) or wake up (happy and cheerful).

Write down when you see the first signs of fatigue. Also, take a week to carefully record the important events in your baby's sleep:

– Nap (time and duration)

– Sleep duration (including routine details)

– Wake up time and duration 

– It's time to get up early

And while you're in this place, celebrate the other big events of the day, like food, jeep crying, and poop. Your baby's diary will help you understand why your baby has trouble nodding. The four main reasons to consider are bedtime overexcitation, something is bothering you, you're using the wrong bedtime signal, or you've chosen the wrong bedtime.