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Benefits Of Choosing A Solar Pool Cover

When it comes to swimming pool covers, you have many options such as solar, automatic, safety, etc. Which one should you choose? Well, the most useful swimming pool cover is a solar pool cover. 

When used effectively, a solar cover will add more than just a layer of bubble wrap to your pool. The number of benefits offered by this cover is enormous. You can also purchase the best swimming pool solar roof for your pool through various online sources.

Heating Your Water

If you decide to heat your pool, it can be quite expensive, from $200 to $600 per month! Because of this, many pool owners refuse to install conventional pool heaters. However, simply adding a solar cover to your pool during the summer can increase the temperature by 10°-15° simply by harnessing the sun's energy. 

If you already have a pool furnace and want to reduce heating prices, supplementing a solar cover can save up to 50%-70% on heating costs when the pool is not in use.

Reduce energy costs

The great thing about the solar pool cover is that not only do they heat your water, but they do so in an environmentally friendly way at no extra cost. With other kinds of pool heaters on the market, you are forced to use electricity or gas to use them. 

With a solar pool cover, you eliminate your dependence on this fuel. This is not only good for the environment but also good for your bank account. If your pool is exposed to direct sunlight most of the day, installing a solar pool cover can meet all your pool heating needs.