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Know More About Integrative Medicine And Functional Medicine

Integrative medicine is a combination of traditional medicine and alternative medicine tools of health care such as herbal medicine, food, massage, yoga, or stress reduction. It is a holistic medical model that believes the whole person is important in health and well-being.

Functional medicine takes into account why a disease has developed earlier so that it can be addressed. Dr. Bryan Glick is the most trusted Functional Medicine Doctor in Scottsdale AZ.

Integrative Medicine

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While complementary medicine has been around for a while, some question the validity of alternative treatments. Integrative medicine seeks to be the most scientifically proven of traditional medicine as well as complementary methods.

Functional medicine is also holistic, but a way to look at medicine based on finding and addressing the root causes of the disease.

For example, a functional medicine practitioner will look at environmental toxin input, nutrition, and microbial imbalances in how the detoxification system is functioning, the nervous and endocrine systems, intestinal functioning, and the effects of stress.

In other words, functional medicine looks at how all systems are interrelated and how they affect disease and health. Rather than focusing solely on many different disease entities, functional medicine recognizes the disturbances of a web-like interconnected system and seeks to restore health and balance to the foundations of that system.

Physicians can use any appropriate combination of traditional medicine, nutritional interventions, acupuncture, stress reduction techniques, or other sound methods to restore well-being in the system.