Swelling & Pain After Wisdom Teeth Removal

An impacted wisdom tooth can give enough trouble for the patient, including infections and pains. While the procedure for cheap wisdom teeth removal in Colleyville doesn't involve pain due to the application of anesthesia, the patient can experience pain and swelling in the days following surgery. 

Pain and swelling are normal during the recovery period, but there are ways you can control them. There are some clinics like Txoss that provide the best wisdom teeth removal care services.

Here are some tips for you to reduce the ordeal:

1. Follow your Dentist's Instructions:

Dentists provide post-extraction instructions for the patient to follow. These instructions have to be followed without fail to make the process of recovery smooth and timely. 

Some of the common instructions offered by a dentist are as follows:

a. Bite on the cotton placed on the extraction site for almost half an hour and swallow the saliva and blood.

b. Keep away hot and hard foods during the day of surgery.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Always ensure that your mouth is wet and hydrated. Drink small quantities of water throughout the day. If you have a mouth breather, you can use an oral cavity moisturizer. It is also ideal to consume coconut water or other nutrient-rich supplements, rather than just normal water, to keep yourself hydrated and to maintain optimum levels of electrolyte.

3. Apply Ice on Cheek

To reduce pains and swelling, you can apply ice on the cheek surface where the extraction site is located. Never apply heat or other pain-relieving gels on the cheek.