Steel Frames – Substitution For Wooden Frames

Wooden houses used to be a hot trend in the construction industry during the ancient times. It was evident especially in rural areas where trees were exploited for timber as the main material for building houses and commercial buildings. Although the woods have been the construction resources for decades, the flow of time, stronger desire for luxuries as well as the advancement of technology have led to steel be the limelight in the construction trend.

The same quality of wood can be provided by a steel frame building, along with many other benefits. Manifestations of steel in the construction sector not only provides a lot of conveniences, but it is also a cheap solution to build the structure. Steel frame creates a name in the trend due to the apparent advantages that people tend to overlook. You can get more information on steel framing on 

Structural frames include the Red Iron while Light Gauge steel is one famous material for non-structural frames. They are typically used to construct commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools and shopping complex. The current tendency shows that many homeowners are turning to steel frames for residential purposes and some even reconstruct their wooden houses using a steel frame.

Steel frame building is said to be more powerful in contrast with structures and buildings made of wood. One big difference between steel and wood is that steel is resistant to termites while the wood is very susceptible to termite attack. This is an excellent solution for those who are threatened by the presence of termites in their house.