Some Health Benefits Of Water Chestnuts

Water chestnut generally called singhara a vegetable that is very common in the dishes made in Thailand and other countries. Unlike its name, it is not related to nut but a healthy vegetable that is grown on ponds, marshes, ponds, etc. 

Water chestnut is a seasonal vegetable but canned water chestnuts are available throughout the year.  This vegetable is triangular in shape, white in color with a sweet taste and flavor. To know more about water chestnuts, click (also known as “แห้วคลิก” in the Thai language).

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Here are some health benefits of water chestnut:-

  • The fresh mild flavor and crunchy texture of the water chestnut set this vegetable apart. It remains its crunchiness on being baked or cooked. It proves very healthy for the brain and immune system function.
  • As it contains useful minerals like manganese and iodine, it helps in maintaining the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • It is low in sodium & fat and contains no cholesterol. Thus it can lower your risk of heart disease and maintain your blood cholesterol level. 
  • It acts as an excellent coolant for the human body. They are excellent to beat the heat of the summers, thanks to their perfect cooling properties.
  • It is a perfect tonic for removing toxins from the body and also it is beneficial for people suffering from jaundice.

Water chestnuts are beneficial for your hair growth also as they contain necessary nutrients such as potassium, vitamins B, and vitamin E, zinc, which are needed for healthy hair. So, add this vegetable to your diet to make it more healthy.