Social Networking Sites – Interactive Online Networking Platform

Your homepage will be shown to your friends online and find existing ones on the website or even new ones. Everything you have to do to make friends in this virtual world is accomplished by asking friends.

This requires the prior permission of the person you are sending to. The same rules apply to people who want to be friends with you and have to wait for their approval. To know more about the same you can visit

Once someone accepts someone as a friend, they have access to all the details that appear on their profile and can also view all posts, comments, links, photos and videos that that person has shared.

While all of these sites have privacy settings, your homepage or online activity may be limited to the friends you want to share information with, or make them visible to all friends on your friends list.

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Security settings are an important feature in protecting your account from improper use or hacks that could compromise your privacy.

These social networking sites are a great way to track the lives of people connected with you or friends on your friends list through their regular updates and posts. You can also comment on your posts and share photo albums or videos that you upload from Youtube or Google on your profile or simply limit them to a group of friends or closed circles.

From birthday reminders to changing your relationship status, these websites are annoying to people of all ages. Recommended; be aware of the pros and cons that arise from such social networking sites in order to avoid complications or problems in the future.