Simple and Easy Landscaping Ideas in Burnaby

Many people want to be able to follow simple landscaping tips and do the work themselves. Numerous neighbors and friends have asked me for my guidance and advice so that they could get started on their landscaping plans. It is a good idea to start by evaluating your property and focusing on the final design of your landscaping project. 

Once you have a good understanding of the terrain and landscape, it is time to decide whether or not to include a vegetable gardening area in your overall landscaping plan. You can also avail year-round yard maintenance services through various online sources.

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If you're only planning to plant a flower garden you'll want to keep the plants in a particular color scheme, such as a mix of reds and yellows. While choosing plant colors is an individual decision, mixing certain colors will create a more harmonious appearance.

You need to determine how much shade you have in a particular area of your yard. If it receives direct sunlight, then you can create shade for vegetables and flowers that thrive in indirect sunlight. This can be done by placing them under larger shrubs, trees or plants. 

Now you will decide how many trees and which types to include in your landscape design. You can place one tree or several trees in your landscape design to create a beautiful arrangement. Choose a small, not too dominant tree. Choose a tree with a pleasing shape and interesting features such as its distinctive bark or colorful leaves.