Self Discovery: Ways to Boost Your Morale

From your free association narrative, you may learn that you are stuck in an administrative job when, in fact, you are uncomfortable dealing with facts, and long to fulfill yourself in something more spontaneous and creative.

Here are my twelve points to give you a boost and lift you out of the blues in addition to undertaking your free association narrative. You can also get the best self discovery program online.


•        Eat Well. Eating well doesn't have to be expensive. Make soup made from leftovers; fill up on low-density foods like pasta. Low-density foods are those that have low calories in relation to the large quantity you can consume. High-density foods provide high calories for very little quantity.

•        Sleep Well. According to the experts, anywhere between 7-9 hours is the norm. You can't expect to function properly if you're tired. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the tryptophan in warm milk increases the serotonin in the brain which induces feelings of sleepiness.


•          Achieve Something Manageable. Clear out the attic/cellar; empty the ironing basket; put your printed photos in albums and your digital ones in electronic folders.

•          Join A Night Class: learn a new language; take a couple of GCSEs (or equivalent in your part of the world); take a carpentry course or car mechanics.

•          Take Up A New Sport: bowls, badminton, squash, swimming, athletics.

•          Join A Choir. Singing – especially with others – is extremely therapeutic. Remember the BBC program, Last Choir Standing? Alternatively, take up ballroom dancing.