Recondition Old Batteries – A Short Guide

Many people just throw away a rechargeable battery when it seems that it doesn't work well anymore. Over time and with repeated charging a battery's performance will decline. However, if you learn to recondition old batteries, not only will you save yourself a fortune by avoiding the expense of a new battery, you could also be able to make money by providing these services to other people.

There are many different techniques you can employ to restore batteries to a like-new state, and almost all modern rechargeable batteries can be reconditioned. You can purchase 18650 lithium ion battery online.

The great thing is you can take the battery that you can work your magic on a free. A short test on this battery will freely tell you if it is worth continuing with the process, or do you just have to throw it away. In most cases, it will prove useful to recondition them.

Processes are many and varied, ranging from just freeze them in a freezer prior to charging, to use a device that can be bought from specialist sites. The equipment you purchase will pay for itself with the first few uses, or sometimes you can make a device for yourself.

Most of the reconditioning process will require the battery to be fully discharged. Surprisingly even when the battery will no longer power the device being used on it will retain some residual charge. This greatly reduces any reconditioning process effectiveness.