Planning Your Retirement – Retire Early With Your Super Fund

An important factor in planning your retirement is comparing your super fund to an industry fund. This is because modeling by bond analysts shows that industry fund members tend to retire $118,476 more than retail fund members.

This is usually due to the complex effects of high costs. If you don't compare costs and returns on annuities/super funds, you run the risk of running out of retirement funds. You can also hire an SMSF tax return service in Australia online.

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Another important consideration when planning your retirement is where to buy your superphone or retirement account. You may not know that not all major financial planning groups in Australia recommend industry funds. Because industrial funds do not pay any commission to financial planners. 

You don't even have to sacrifice good returns to invest through industry funds. With my industry fund, I actively manage it, directing it to higher growth areas and therefore growing at about 10% per year. It is very important to make sure that you are in the best performing mutual fund over the long term.

A person with little time to retire should be more conservative in their decisions than someone with 40 years of professional life. Instead of putting off your retirement efforts by listening to financial instruments and financial planners, try exploring the different types of major investments and taking small steps in the right direction.

Never be afraid to ask how much the various costs are and what results are expected from these funds.