Physical Therapy – An Effective Treatment For Headaches

Physical therapy can be a huge relief for treatment of headaches especially for treating migraine. Physiotherapy primarily involves working on the muscles and joints of the peripheral nervous system, while the drugs affect the central nervous system (involving the brain and spinal cord) to try and reduce symptoms. 

This means that a person's response to physical therapy depends on how involved the muscles and joints are in their headache. The muscles and joints in the neck area can cause head pain in several ways. This is called referred pain. Through effective physical therapy services and treatments people can find a huge relief for headaches.

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The upper trapezius muscle at the top of the shoulder is often a problem in people with headaches. This muscle is typically overused during activities such as computer work, and people tend to hunch their shoulders and contract in this area when stressed, resulting in focal areas of muscle fiber contracture called points. trigger. These trigger points can return pain to the neck and temples.

Another way that structures in the neck can cause a headache is by a migraine. In some people, tension and dysfunction of the cervical muscles can occur, causing pain and discomfort, which, in turn, triggers a migraine-like headache. There are many physical therapy techniques that can be used in the initial stages of a headache and can help decrease pain and the duration of the attack.

A trained physiotherapist can physically examine a patient's cervical spine, assess posture, and treat the patient's current disease using manual therapy, correcting muscle imbalances, strengthening and stretching exercises, and modalities for the relief of pain. pain adapted to the individual.