Mad Hatter Hats For Your Halloween Costume

The Mad Hatter is one of the most famous fictional characters of all time. This character is from the story, Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is a novel written and released in 1865 by a British author named Charles Dodgson.

Alice in Wonderland is like Harry Potter during that time. This novel became very popular because of the fantasy world which is every child's dream story. The novel is so popular that several other books, cartoons, and movies are made with different interpretations. You can buy hats & headbands for mad hatter costume from various web sources.

Popularity Alice in Wonderland and the host of the popular tea party blossomed again because of the 2010 blockbuster movie was released. Hatter played by no less than one of the best actors today, Johnny Depp. He took the character to a completely different level and create a story that has been a popular worldwide sensation.

This is the reason why this character costumes are becoming very popular not only for Halloween but also for a costume party. It is popular among men and women, children and adolescents. There are so many variations of these costumes as colorful, the Gothic, and more.

The Most Important Part of the Mad Hatter Costume

A hat is the most important part of this costume. It really defines the character of the Mad Hatter. Heck, this hat can be worn with the kind of clothes and people will still be able to identify it. The hat is usually an oversized hat with cards on a band that says "10/6".

Make your own Hatter hat requires so much work to be the easiest option is to invest in a hat store-bought. There are many styles of hats available of colorful, cartoon, and gothic for a classy top hat. It really depends on what kind of Mad Hatter you try to go to.