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Important Things To Know About Folding Tables

Two things are essential to look after folding tables: moveability and durability. With these feature folding tables have to be easy to move and use for long term. 


  • The Folding tabletop sets the style and affects how well the table wears through the materials for the structure, finish, and edging. The weight of the tabletop has the most significant impact on how easy it is to move. The base carries almost all of the table load, providing the strength of the Folding table.

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  • The tabletop defines the looks and durability of the folding table. The tabletop where most of the weight holdup of the folding table, so the types of materials used for the three parts of the tabletop, the structure, finish, and edging- contribute to how easy the folding table is to move and how well it retains its appearance.
  • The most important part is the base structure. There are four common materials used for folding tables: molded plastics, metal, particleboard, and plywood. 
  • Plastic is lightweight and inexpensive but at the price of durability. Plastic folding tables also tend to have weaker legs and flimsy hinges that are prone to break. 
  • Even, metal tables are much more durable and look more beautiful than plastic folding tables, but are bulky, difficult to move, and easily dented. Wood tables – like plywood and particleboard – are lighter than metal, sturdier than plastic, and offer more stylistic variety.

Folding tables can last for twenty or thirty years without losing beauty or functionality. You can plan to buy the best folding table by identifying good quality and design.