How to Create a Beautiful Garden Room at Home

Bright garden room

A garden space in an Edwardian home is decorated with summer colors, bold styles, and a combination of modern furniture and antiques. Patterns and stripes in pink peonies and spicy lime green, accented with decorative colors, create a fresh and lively atmosphere.

Glass greenhouse cabinets and painted furniture provide storage space for tableware both indoors and out. Cover the shelves with wallpaper or glue. Architectural details such as stained glass can be highlighted via vibrant color schemes for a more contemporary look.

How to Create a Beautiful Garden Room at Home

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Monochrome garden space

Modern architecture sets a chic black and white color for the open living space that leads onto a sleek terrace. Large accessories such as a coffee table vase create an added effect. Graphic design makes a statement; This coffee table is a perfect example.

Lining textures in an eye-catching modern scheme: rugs of bright colors on a glossy rubber floor and a combination of glossy and matte accessories will add additional depth.

Ordinary garden space

Shades of blue and black, paired with furniture and accessories made of natural and tactile materials, create a feeling of calm in this retreat. The blue and white color palette is complemented by light furniture such as wooden table chairs.

Furniture and accessories made of different wood and natural woven materials provide warmth and depth to the scheme and at the same time create a soothing rustic feeling. Store blankets and blankets to keep warm on hot summer evenings and use storm lanterns to create atmospheric light.