How To choose An Anti- Static Flooring

Electrical discharge can be a hazard in the work environment with large electronics and circuit boards. Even large servers are at risk if the static electricity had been saturated.

People can apply if the electric discharge is strong enough, and they are on high voltage machines. Because of high losses, it is important that the risk assessment manager must take the threat of electric shock as something very important.

‘ESD flooring system’ (also known as ‘ระบบพื้น ESD’ in the Thai language), also known as the ground floor is an example of an anti-static device that can eliminate the electrical discharge.

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This floor is also known as “static dissipative matting” and has a low resistance to control. Basically, it is a mat that will be grounded.

The anti-static floor mat serves as insulation, with no ground reference that can not be grounded. The anti-static floor is usually connected to lines based on the electrical outlet.

Then it will be disposed of at a slow rate, with a mat grounding resistor. Resistors can enable a high-voltage charge to leak through to the earth, to avoid the danger of electric shock when working with low voltage parts.