How to Buy a Winter Pool Cover in the UK

There are many factors to consider when shopping for winter pool covers, and sorting out the differences between them can initially seem like a daunting task. The top-rated swimming pool covers may be the one that fits your pool, your needs and your budget.

pool cover roller

Measure your pool from inside edge to inside edge to know the diameter, or LxW dimensions of your pool. The winter pool covers have a built-in overlap that will fit a given size pool even after the water level is lowered for winter.

For example, our 16’x32′ winter cover actually measures 20’x36′. Safety covers for inground pools also have a built-in overlap; a 16’x32′ safety cover actually measures 18’x34′. For freeform pool shapes, buy the rectangle cover that will fit the widest width and the longest length. Excess material can be trimmed, or folded underneath.

For in-ground pool safety covers, there are also grades of cover material from basics. The Swim safety cover with a 10-Yr warranty, to the Commercial Mesh safety cover with a 30-Yr warranty!

Most popular covers are not the cheapest or the most expensive but the upper-middle range of price range and cover quality. The lowest-priced pool cover may fail when you need it the most – in the middle of winter.

In short – buy the best pool cover you can afford at the moment to avoid a mid-winter cover disaster.

Protect your pool with a better quality pool cover and cover accessories to keep out dirt and algae, and you’ll enjoy easier winters and faster spring openings, with less mess and less stress.