How Do I Choose Best Architect For Me?

Okay, so you've decided you want to hire an architect, or at least have considered enough to do some research. Now you want to know how you choose the 'best Norwegian architects' ( also known as ‘beste norske arkitekter’ in Norway language)  when you do not know anything about construction, so it is necessary to hire a civil engineer.

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The selection of an architect who meets your particular needs is based on a lot of varying factors. That does not mean that all architects are for you, or you can work with all engineers. So here are the key points you should know and take into account selecting an architect to work with them.

Research –  If you are looking to remodel or build a house, try looking for designers that specialize in household design. All builders are specialized in something,  schools, residential structures that emphasize energy efficiency, hospitals, contemporary design and so on.

Look at the work the architect has done, just because they are not showing that modern mid-century home you want does not mean they can not provide for you, it could only mean that other customers did not want that. 

Find out what are the requirements to work with the architect. Their fees fixed?  Is the monthly bill, or to the end of the project? What kind of contract will require you to sign? Ask for references. Working with anyone can be a challenge, so ask previous customers what their experience was working with the architect.

If you choose the right architect, at the end of the project it will be compensated with a truly wonderful space that you planned. It's like leaving customers with a sense of "place". A feeling that the spaces created not the only function but improve their lives, allowing them to do things that are most important to them.