In 1982, with the coordination of the activity with the public health, the hospital underwent a major transformation. With the entry into service of the Cadí Tunnel in 1984, the connection of the hospital, through the Eix del Llobregat, with the reference hospitals located in Bages and Vallès Occidental modified its position in the Catalan health map. The opening of this important communication route has also intensified the presence of the floating population linked to second homes.

  Puigcerdà Hospital is part of the XHUP (Network of Public Utilization Hospitals of Catalonia since its formalization in 1985. In those years, a new annex building was enabled and a process of improvements was started that It culminated in the remodeling of hospital units in 1991.

 In 1996, the last phase of the works was completed, which meant having a completely remodeled hospital. According to its accreditation as a provider center of the Catalan Health Service.