Hemp Oil Benefits For Dogs Diseases


There is no conclusive scientific evidence that hemp oil can cure cancer in humans or in animals, but Dr. Ochoa insists that “CBD may help decrease the size of your pet’s tumor.”

She also says hemp oil can help to reduce nausea and vomiting and increase your dog’s appetite if he is undergoing chemotherapy. You can also get the best hemp oil for your dog via https://cbduniverseshop.net/cbd-oil-tinctures-for-dogs.

So it is probably worth considering hemp oil at least as a therapeutic, stress-relieving treatment if your dog is suffering from cancer.

Hemp oil can also be used generally to reduce nausea and vomiting and to increase your dog’s appetite, even if your dog is cancer-free.

Skin Conditions

Solid evidence is also lacking here, but often that can be due to an absence of research. Dr. Ochoa says she sees hemp oil as an effective way to help repair your dogs’ “healthy skin barrier” if they have damaged skin.

She adds that this is essential for preventing various allergies and skin conditions from developing.

Aggressive Behavior

Nobody likes an aggressive dog. According to Peter Laskay, the man behind popular pet blog Pet Worshiper, hemp CBD oil has been shown as an effective method of reducing aggression in dogs, much as it does with anxiety. Now that’s a relief, and not just for the dogs!

General Pain Relief

Peter also says hemp oil can act as an anti-inflammatory and is effective for treating inflammation-related pain in dogs, as well as other forms of pain as well.

So it seems that although research is limited, hemp oil may provide numerous health benefits for our hairy little best friends.