Handling Domestic Violence Safely & Obtaining Legal Protection

The key step will allow you to stay safe and secure when dealing with incidents of domestic violence. One of the main ideas to remember is to plan before a future incident. Collecting extra clothes and storing them in other people's homes, earning extra cash or a credit card for emergencies and making a copy of your car keys are ways you can plan before future events. 

Your safety in the case of an aggressor needs to create an extreme situation where you can not escape. Once this is all planned will allow you to get away from the aggressor quickly and safely and get to a safe place and then call the police. If you want to explore regarding restraining order attorneys, visit http://www.deckerjoneslaw.com/criminal-law/protection-orders/.

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If the person you have become the aggressor is very scary or threatening, it is best to try and get a restraining order. Speaking to the police for the Emergency Protective Order (EPO). An EPO can be provided 24/7, even on nights and weekends, and it will protect for up to five days. 

Once you are safe, then you can talk to a lawyer restraining order to achieve a temporary restraining order for a longer amount, or withhold final order (FRO), which is a more permanent measure.

Going through domestic violence is a traumatic situation for the victims and for children who may be a witness to the action. 

Both the victim and any children should receive assistance through domestic violence shelters and domestic violence therapists if extreme mental trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, is visible. 

The main thing is to make sure you and the kids too, remain safe and secure and receive the necessary assistance.