Follow The Window Manufacturers Installation Instructions

This message is for anyone who are building a new house. You could end up in serious trouble if you don't comply with the manufacturer's installation instructions. This is something I want to share with all window installers and homebuilders.

One of my homebuilders required me to install approximately 50 windows in an apartment building that was being renovated. I didn't read the instructions for installing windows at the time. I was not aware of all the information but, you can get as well as hire the best window manufacturers in Phoenix Arizona.

Although I was well-versed in installing windows, I had been doing it for years. Then, suddenly, I learned the lesson: How to properly install windows, according to the manufacturer's instructions, and how to make sure the inspector is present.

After having installed 35 Windows, the inspector asked me if the instructions had been read by me. As the quick-witted man that I am, I immediately replied yes. He looked at me closely, as if I had made a mistake and was going to correct it.

He instructed me to follow him to his office. I felt like a schoolboy in trouble for making a mistake. I was smart enough to not talk back to the inspector and I followed him to his office.

He then began to explain the instructions for installing the window to me. I was immediately taught how to install this particular window. We returned outside to inspect a few of the windows that I had just installed.