Finding a Licensed Counselor and Psychotherapist

Registered Clinical Counselors must be certified and licensed with the agency, working their ethical framework, code of conduct and complaint procedures. Your therapist should have insurance,  which is a mandatory part of professional practice such as clinical supervision.

As an example; they should have a minimum one and half-hour supervision for every eight hours of counseling that they offer to their clients and must tell you that to their supervisor. You may find an authentic registered clinical counselor online via

You can consider other factors such as; distance, cost, availability, and other practical arrangements. Your therapist should have a portfolio of qualifications and are available for you to see and you should have a clear understanding of what they offer and what advice or psychotherapy models available.

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A therapist must be "present" for their client during the session and fully "engaged" in the "process". They must take their cases to the supervision and reflect and critique their work through this unique process. They are in harmony and should support or gently challenge their patients, which requires enormous skills including; Highly developed interpersonal skills.

If the therapist does not belong to a public body and is not protected in this way should a problem arise as a therapist is not responsible? This may mean that they do not qualify or have not done specific training and are unlikely to have a 'right' insurance. Be aware that the membership of each organization does not necessarily mean 'good quality'