Cost Effective Waste Management and Recycling Services

Recycling starts at the waste disposal level with the separation and maintenance of individual waste streams. Separation, retention, transportation and processing of waste streams are part of waste management and recycling services.

There are certain production processes where it is not possible to separate waste on site. It is the duty of the disposal company to provide containers for the storage of mixed recyclable materials and arrange for off-site waste separation. You can also hire waste management recycling services via

Waste audits are an important part of the process as they examine the entire production process and identify areas where implementing environmental initiatives can reduce costs that modernize and increase recycling rates.

This audit is conducted to understand each business process such as:

  • Waste type

  • Amount of waste

  • Waste separation and treatment methods

  • Use of recycling bins

  • Use of waste treatment equipment

  • Current service level and service plan

  • Recycled volume

  • Total cost of ownership of waste management

Based on these processes, waste disposal companies can customize their services for any organization.The most commonly used waste treatment equipment includes presses, sealants, and can breakers.

To make the whole process more profitable, companies can dispose of their own waste on site using suitable equipment such as presses, seals, paper shredders, rollers, drums or crushers for engraving. The facility can process recyclable waste in a resalable format, turning costs into revenue.

Drum crusher are designed to reduce scrap metal to its original size, thereby reducing disposal costs.