Best Japanese Restaurants in Tokyo you need to Visit


You cannot just admire Japan without a personal visit. This country is home to some of the best things in the world. For instance; Japanese food is absolutely amazing and you need to try it during your visit. For food, Tokyo is a popular city that attracts a ton of tourists on a daily basis. If you’re going to visit Japan, then consider visiting these amazing restaurants in Tokyo.

  1. Bar Benfiddich – An ideal restaurant in Tokyo is the Bar Benfiddich especially for couples. Lovely interiors and cozy feelings are what you’re going to experience along with your meal. Just ensure you either book a table or come early as it gets crowded with tourists and locals.
  2. Kotaro – Owned by a popular chef Kotaro Hayashi, this restaurant offers innovative and delicious food for the customers. Moreover, this restaurant offers a live view on how a kitchen runs on a daily basis to the customers. However, if you’ve decided to visit this restaurant, ensure you do an early booking. It takes around a week or even months just to get a booking.
  3. Ginzo Kojyu – If you wish to experience a meal cooked by your loved ones called Kaseki dining, then Ginzo Kojyu is the best restaurant. Along with the delicious food, you are also going to experience a fine service from the staff of the restaurant.

Now, hold on. Before heading over to these restaurants in Tokyo, it is recommended to book for the best Japan tour package.