Basic Guide To Best Quality Rescue Systems in Texas

The rescue system provides you the best safety and rescue tools available for the workers working on a construction site. The rescue system’s mission is to provide emergency personnel with the best and most reliable rescue equipment. In Texas, rescue operations are serious business. Rescue workers require equipment that is portable, sturdy, quick to set up, and reliable enough for their job safely.

The rescue system also includes many emergency rescue equipment such as patient restraint straps, Uniform Rappel Belts, Helmets, and Whip-End Dip Rope Sealers. Swift-water Ranger, Pulleys, and others.

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Emergency rappelling is done with a uniform rappel belt. The waist buckle is fast adjusted with a camlock and slips easily. The V-ring on the front is used as an attachment point. The Uniform Rappel Belt makes a great instructor safety belt. This belt meets all standards for search and rescue, fire-rescue personnel, SWAT, and is the only uniform belt certified.

In Texas, for workers who work at heights or in certain industries, helmets are an essential piece of rescue equipment. Helmets provide protection against falling objects as well as for the head in the event of a fall. The two standards used in the development of professional helmets are standard for industrial helmets, and standard for mountaineering headgear.

The Whip-End Rope Sealer seals the rope end to prevent unraveling and fraying. The rescue rope uses the clear Whip End Dip water-based formula to seal the rope-end identification or Rope I.D. Marker.